On The Couch With Caroline

Episode 1

Christine Envall
3 x World Champion
Founder of Middle Age Muscle
Founder of International Protein
Educator and Creator

Episode 2

Sam Beau Patrick
The Health Queen
Nutritionist and Wellness Coach
Author & Motivational Speaker
Award Winning Artist

Episode 3

Coming Soon!

I started working with Caroline at a time in my life where I was coming across a lot of stumbling blocks. Caroline’s nurturing and inspiring approach allows a great mentoring relationship. I have been working with Caroline’s program in relation to goals and fitness. Caroline’s unique program is one that I found very easy to work with and that made perfect sense to me for where I was at. Caroline is patient, kind, understanding and works with where you are at any time of your life. The tools and skills that are imparted are ones that can be reflected upon at any time. There are a lot of self-development/self-help whatever online courses out there and so much to choose from. What is different and unique about Carolyn is her experience, her intuitive approach, passion for mental health and connection to community.

-Sonia Muraca

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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