We All Need Help to Realize That We Are Already Enough

In a world of hustle and comparison it is easy to lose our authentic self and think we are not successful enough, pretty enough or good enough. Through my coaching programs and online courses I am passionate that all women are empowered to understand they are already enough.

Caroline Power Red

Main Services


One-on-One Life Coaching

Caroline’s program specialises in helping women to heal from childhood sexual abuse trauma in six weeks. Her 12 week program is designed to empower women reclaim their life.

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Keynotes & Workshops

Caroline is an authentic and raw presenter available to take on mental health, wellness, courage, addiction and healing from trauma.

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Business Coaching

Caroline works for a global entrepreneur organisation as a Master Coach and can assist you in your journey through their extensive range of business, entrepreneur or coaching programs.

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Online Courses

With a focus on supporting you through life’s challenges Caroline has developed a wide range of self- paced online courses in conjunction with private FB support groups.

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Topics I Am Passionate About



Empowering women to take risks and follow their true path


Mental Health

As an advocate for mental health I share my own lived experience toolbox


Health & Wellnesss

A mind and body connection is a crucial element of overall wellness



To inspire your team to excellence you must role-model your expectations


Self Esteem

When you discover you are already enough everything else will fall into place



I will show you how to maximize your life by minimising your addiction



Building you is the best way to build your business


Life Skills

Learn how to overcome trauma and negative life experiences


What Clients Are Saying

ā€œCaroline is an amazing coach she is full of inspiration, great ideas, helpful solutions and just a wonderful person, I am grateful that I have been able to work with her.ā€


ā€œCaroline is a fabulous coach. She has the secret powers of being able to be caring, nurturing, highly knowledgeable and yet takes no-nonsense all at the same time. Her straight down the line approach cuts straight to the point and she gets results.ā€


“Having Caroline there over the past 12 months has been amazing for my business and personal development. She has pushed me to achieve things I never thought I would. She has encouraged me, provided clarity and guidance when I needed it and kept me on track to fulfill my goals and dreams.”


“I love the fact that even though current circumstances temporarily prevent me from being in business Caroline has tirelessly and steadfastly stuck with me by using this time to focus on my life Pillars All the guidence/ encouragement especially the last NLP session has cleared a blockage that has shifted my mindset way forward with regard to tackling difficult situations / tasks.I am so greatful Caroline was assigned as my Coach.”


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Let me help you live the life your deserve and not be defined by your past or your age

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